Gemstones A – Z

Gemstones A-Z

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This list is made from folklores and healing praksis thoughout history. Crystals and minerals have been used as a tool to create balance, cure diseace and as a talisman for luck. It is up to you to use the magic!

Faglig viden om stene

Agate – All: For physical health, strength, stamina; good for stability, calms emotions.

Agate – Banded: For protection, guards against danger; safety while traveling. Good for physical healing; increases physical strength & stamina. Promotes courage, alleviates fear.

Agate – Blue Lace: Promotes positive expression, optimism, truth; brings peace & happiness; reduces stress. Helps one to overcome shyness.

Agate – Botswana: Protective & comforting, helps one to be more secure; eases depression, emotional pain; eliminates negativity.

Agate – Crazy Lace (Mexican Agate): Helps one to achieve full physical potential, balances physical vitality level. For happiness, appreciation of beauty, awareness, creativity.

Agate – Moss/Montana: Provides energy for healing, speeds the healing process. Happiness, wealth, abundance, long life. Balances the emotions, encourages trust & hope. Helps with plant growth—strongly connected to nature.


Amazonite: Creative inspiration, joy, self-confidence, uplifting; dispels negativity & tension. Attracts money.

Amber: Allows the body to heal itself by changing negative energy into positive energy, protects one’s health, longevity; brings a sunny & bright attitude. Attracts good luck, money, love.

Amethyst: For spiritual growth & meditation; soothing, calming, relieves tension & physical pain; improves memory & mental clarity, strengthens intuition. Protects against harm, sickness, danger. Creates peaceful, healing sleep & prevents nightmares.

Ametrine (Amethyst w/ Citrine): Optimism & harmony; clears mental, physical, emotional blockages; enhances creativity, positive energy; very balancing. Eases stress caused by intense transformation.

Apache Tears: Comforts in times of grief & promotes a forgiving attitude. Provides a protective shield.

Aqua Aura (Quartz Crystal & Pure Gold fused together): Stimulates body’s own healing energy; activates healing energy of other stones; promotes positive energy; releases & clears negative energy. Helps one to renew oneself spiritually, emotionally & physically.

Aquamarine: Protection while traveling over water. Has the cleansing, purifying effect of the ocean. Calms nerves, soothes tension, reduces fears; helps to balance the emotions. Peaceful meditation.

Aventurine – Green: Attracts prosperity, abundance, money; good luck stone in matters of love, games of chance; promotes good health, wellness; relieves anxiety & fear. Enhances perception & intelligence,

Aventurine – Peach/Red: Stimulates motivation, creativity, new ideas; Encourages abundance, fertility, prosperity in all things; promotes the creative process. Stabilizes one’s state of mind.

Black Weathering:

Blodstone: Protects against disease; increases energy & vitality; releases emotional stress; strengthens the heart & physical body. For prosperity & longevity. A stone of victory & power.

Bornite (Peacock Pyrite): For healing. Protects from negative energy. Renews enjoyment & happiness.

Calcite – Blue: For peace, serenity, relaxation—very soothing; removes anxiety, fears, anger & negative emotions.

Calcite – Golden/Yellow: Enhances self-confidence, self-esteem & motivation. Brings success & abundance

Calcite – Green: Attracts money, prosperity & abundance. Stimulates the immune system & cleanses the body of negativity.

Calcite – Honey Amber: Stimulates willpower, energetic & uplifting. Brings success, stability, personal growth, confidence.

Calcite – Optical Clear: Allows one to see things clearly from different points of view. Reduces tension, negativity & fears.

Calcite – Orange: Increases energy, motivation, passion & drive. Very cleansing—releases negativity, heals past-life trauma.

Calcite – Pink (Mangano): Helps one to forgive, releases fear and grief. Brings unconditional love, self-worth.

Calcite – Red/Coral: Boosts energy, vitality & uplifts the emotions. Promotes willpower & motivation.

Carnelian: Encourages more passion, joy & sensuality in life; increases motivation, courage, self-confidence; dispels depression. Protects against envy, fear & anger; promotes peace & harmony.

Cat Eye:

Chalcedony : Promotes light-heartedness, beauty, peace, calm. Increases creativity & openness to inspiration. Helps one to communicate effectively. Prevents nightmares & psychic attack. Protects in times of change & during travel.

Charoite: Encourages transformation of the self; promotes healing of the heart with love. Excellent for meditation.

Chrysacolla: A stone of peace & kindness; soothes emotional tension. Enhances creativity & communication.

Chrysoprase: Instills happiness & joy; attracts friendship. Can be used for good luck in attracting money & prosperity.

Citrine: Attracts abundance, prosperity & money on all levels; good for business success & achieving goals. Brings joy, happiness & a sunny disposition; encourages self-confidence, self-expression & courage; increases motivation & creative energy. Stimulates the body’s own healing energies.

Danburite: Transforms & purifies negative energy into positive, loving energy to ease one’s path. Promotes serenity & wisdom. Increases intellect. Encourages self-love & self-esteem. Helps one to let go of the past.

Emerald: Attracts love, friendship & affection. Increases business potential. Promotes spiritual insight and wisdom.

Fluorite: Very good for intellectual and mental clarity; clears the mind of worries & mental tension. Increases concentration & understanding. Helps to develop intuition; encourages spiritual growth; brings self-confidence.


Garnet: Increases physical strength, endurance. Activates healing energies. Protects loved ones; promotes courage, hope & trust. Rekindles passion, love & devotion. Enhances success in business; attracts new opportunities.

Geode/Ocos: Promotes trustworthiness. A stone of good luck in games of chance. Strengthens communication skills.

Goldstone: Stimulates healing, maintains wellness, supports vitality. Conducts & activates energy. Draws luck & love. Increases optimism, motivation & independence. Helps remove barriers & directs one toward personal growth.

Green Grass:

Hematite: Very good for grounding & stabilizing. Removes illness & stress from the body by increasing vitality. Promotes optimism, willpower & courage; dissolves negative energies & encourages one to have a more positive outlook in life.

Herkimer Diamond: Very energizing—promotes creativity & clarity. Increases the energy of other stones. Stimulates psychic abilities & intuition. Good for manifesting dreams & wishes.

Howlite: Very calming, soothes restless thoughts. Encourages relaxation, brings restful sleep. Promotes patience.

Iolite: Stimulates intuition & visions; good for meditation; brings harmony. Boosts self-confidence & attracts new friends.

Jade: Encourages healing; promotes longevity by strengthening the body against disease. Excellent for drawing money & wealth. Attracts love, promotes fertility. Increases courage & wisdom. Protective.

Jasper – All: Increases the body’s healing energies, stamina & strength. Strengthens courage, determination, willpower, insight & mental clarity. Good for protection by sending negativity back to its source.

Jasper – Dalmation: Helps to ward off negative energy; brings physical, emotional & intellectual balance.

Jasper – Mookaite: Helps in dealing with negative situations; helps in decision-making.

Jasper – Orbicular Sea (Rhyolite w/ Chalcedony): Strengthens the body, increases stamina. Helps one to accept responsibility. Increases patience.

Jasper – Picture/Brown: Brings harmony & balance; promotes stability and balance in body, mind & spirit.

Jet (Fossilized Wood): Protects by absorbing negative energies; good for travelers—wards off dangers during travel. Strengthens psychic abilities. Protects business while stabilizing finances.

Kunzite – Pink: Opens the heart and emotions, removing blocks to allow one to receive unconditional love; heals emotional pain and heartache. Brings innocence, love, peace & harmony. Relieves stress & anger.

Kyanite – Blue: A very powerful transmitter, amplifier & cleanser of energy. Cuts through anger, fear, confusion, ignorance & other emotional blocks. Stimulates dreaming, visualization & intuition. Encourages compassion, loyalty, honesty & tranquility.

Labradorite/Spectrolite: Enhances intuition, psychic abilities, wisdom, serenity & meditation; dispels illusions. Stimulates imagination & creativity. Reduces anxiety & stress. Helps in clearing the aura, keeping it balanced & protected.

Lapis Lazuli: Strengthens psychic awareness, self-awareness & spirituality. Protects against physical danger & psychic attack. Inspires wisdom, honesty & truth. Soothes & relieves depression. Good for healing.


Lepidolite: For inner-peace, serenity, deep relaxation, joy & beauty; relieves stress & anger. Encourages restful sleep.

Lodestone (Magnetite): Strong magnetic & attracting capabilities; draws power, love, friendship, money & good fortune; increases luck, energy & stamina. Very protective & grounding. Relieves grief, anger, fear, confusion & attachment.

Malachite: Protection talisman for travelers, protects against negativity & physical danger; brings good luck. Strengthens intuition & understanding. Relieves muscle tension, stress & depression. Expands the ability to love & draws love to you.

Moldavite: Increases the energy level of all stones and healing. Stimulates and enhances psychic abilities. Exposes buried issues & helps one to take action. Encourages sympathy & compassion, good fortune & fertility.

Moonstone: Draws love into your life. Good for travel protection. Helps one to have more patience & flexibility. Increases intuition, enhances visualization. Encourages good, restful sleep. Can be used to enhance fertility.

Morganite (Pink Beryl): Draws love; increases & maintains love; encourages compassion & sensitivity. Calms & relaxes emotions; promotes emotional balance. Increases patience in relationships.

Mother of Pearl/Paua Shell: Attracts wealth, money & good luck. Good for protection. Stimulates intuition & imagination.

Obsidian – All: Provides a protective shield against negativity; helps to remove fears & blockages.

Mahogany: Stimulates growth of the physical, emotional, intellectual & spiritual centers of the body.

Rainbow: Provides a relaxing and balancing effect which aids one in using one’s creativity.

Snowflake: Brings purity & balance to the body, mind & spirit. Provides a protective shield.

Sheen: Excellent for meditation & for use as a focus in crystal gazing. Helps one with self-reflection.

Onyx – Black: Protects against negativity. Enhances strength of mind & self-control; very grounding. Boosts self-confidence.

Opal – Black: Promotes psychic & prophetic visions. Very grounding. Releases emotional inhibitions.

Opal – Blue/Green (Andean): Calms & soothes emotions, releases trauma. Brings enthusiasm, courage & curiosity.

Opal – Boulder (in matrix): Provides grounding & physical well-being. Enhances mental clarity & emotional security.

Opal – Cherry (Mexican): Brings out inner-beauty & cheerfulness; enhances optimism & enthusiasm.

Opal – Pink (Peruvian): Releases old patterns; activates healing on the emotional, spiritual, intellectual & physical levels.

Opal – White (w/fire): Brings out inner-beauty. Develops psychic powers. Attracts good luck. Promotes optimism.

Pearl: A stone of purity, charity & courage; attracts love & nurturing. Brings good luck & money.

Peridot/Olivine: Attracts money, wealth, prosperity, abundance & good luck. Attracts love. Creates new opportunities. Encourages a positive outlook in life. Deflects negativity.

Phantom Quartz: Stimulates creativity, growth & a positive outlook. Good for looking into past lives & accessing information.

Pietersite: Reveals & dispels illusions. Has a calming effect during stormy times in one’s life; encourages balance & stability.

Prehnite: Unconditional love & healing—very calming. Enhances intuition, visualization, induces deep meditation, increases prophetic visions. Produces a protective shield & calms the space within the area; relieves nightmares, phobias & fears.

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold): Attracts prosperity, abundance, money & luck. Enhances willpower, courage & confidence.

Quartz Cluster: Enhances group energy & effectiveness; brings more harmony & peace to groups, families & other social or business environments. Excellent source of positive energy; stores, transmits, & amplifies energy.

Quartz Crystal: Brings positive energy, balance & clarity. Good for storing, transmitting & amplifying energy. Repels & purifies negative energies. Increases the strength & effectiveness of other stones. Clear insight; helps in problem solving.

Quartz – Lemurian: Provides positive energy—excellent for healing work. Reveals past-life information. Brings purity, love & joy. Helps in meditation. Also has the properties of Quartz Crystal.

Rhodochrosite: Inspires passion & confidence; attracts love; encourages a positive attitude. Helps heal emotional distress.

Rhodonite: Helps one to achieve greater potential in love. Strengthens friendship & mutual understanding. Can help heal emotional pain & anger; promotes forgiveness. Dispels anxiety & encourages calm.

Rhyolite: Sparks creativity increases creative potential. Helps one to fulfill goals & to complete tasks. Enhances self-esteem.

Rose Quartz: Attracts love & romance. Encourages self-love & the ability to love others. Brings out inner-beauty. Heals emotional pain; relieves worry, stress & tension; releases stored anger. Can be used to enhance fertility.

Ruby: Inspires spiritual wisdom & knowledge. Increases passion, joy, enthusiasm. Provides inner-strength & confidence. Attracts wealth. Protects against negativity & psychic attack; dispels nightmares, fears & sadness.

Rutilated Quartz: Powerful healing stone; generates very high energy. Dissolves hidden fears, anxieties & limitations.

Selenite/Desert Rose: Encourages mental clarity, flexibility & insight. Increases positive energy & releases erratic emotions.

Silicon: Clears negativity & increases positive energy—reducing negative emotions. Provides strong stability & balance.

Smokey Quartz: Good for grounding, balancing & endurance; provides stability. Protects by creating a barrier of energy. Dissolves problems, illness, stress & relieves depression. Instills responsibility.

Sodalite: Promotes intelligence, learning, rational thinking & efficiency. Good for meditation, creativity & communication. Very calming, balancing & clearing for the mind. Combines logic & knowledge with intuition & psychic awareness.

Sugilite: Reveals & reduces stress caused by illness—promotes healing. Increases psychic awareness & psychic ability.

Sunstone: Brings good luck, abundance & positive energy. Increases personal power, courage, vitality; promotes leadership abilities, independence & originality. Dissipates fears, depression, stress, anxiety & phobias.

Tektite (Meteoric Glass): Very protective & energizing; brings great power & keeps one grounded. Increases psychic abilities & prophetic visions. Encourages spiritual growth. Releases negative experiences.

Tiger’s Eye – Blue (Hawk’s Eye): Very protective. Helps one regain control of one’s life. Increases divination abilities.

Tiger’s Eye – Gold/Red: Brings wealth, money & abundance. Excellent good luck stone, especially for games of chance. Protects against all danger. Strengthens will, personal power & confidence. Grounding & centering.

Tiger Iron: Helps in creative endeavors & the artistic creative process. Increases healing & vitality while reducing stress & bringing balance. Increases optimism & courage. Very protective.

Topaz – Blue: Excellent for communication & self-expression; helps one to clearly verbalize what one desires. Soothing & balancing. Stimulates wisdom, creativity & inspiration. Increases psychic perception & awareness. Assists with healing.

Topaz – Silver/White: Provides greater clarity & vision. Promotes self-realization, individuality & creativity. Guards against depression & negativity. Helps one to manifest goals.

Tourmaline – Black (Schorl): Very protective—creates a shield against physical, mental & psychic negativity. Grounding & stabilizing—increases vitality & promotes a clear, positive, calm, relaxed attitude. Relieves tension, stress, fear, anxiety & panic. Relieves pain; helps to purify & heal the body.

Tourmaline – Blue (Indicolite): Strengthens psychic abilities & visions. Promotes spiritual freedom & exploration. Promotes tolerance, clarity, insight & calm. Removes sadness, emotional blocks. Helps the body to release negative energy.

Tourmaline – Green (Verdelite): Attracts money, prosperity, abundance & success; good for health, happiness, joy & understanding. Promotes compassion & tenderness. Protects against negative influences.

Tourmaline – Pink/Red (Rubellite): Attracts love & friendship. Removes emotional trauma & grief caused by conflict. Releases past sorrows of love & prepares one to love again. Promotes wisdom, compassion, peace & relaxation.

Tourmaline – Watermelon (Pink surrounded by Green): Attracts love, tenderness & friendship; helps one to be more sociable. Comforts & soothes emotional pain, guilt, depression, fears & confusion. Harmonizes & balances the body.

Tourmalinated Quartz: Very protective—changes negative energy to positive influences. Grounds & stabilizes one’s energy. Helps to lift depression & relieve exhaustion. Balances all extreme emotions & conditions.

Turquoise: Protects against negativity & danger, especially during travel. Sustains health & speeds healing. Brings joy, happiness & emotional balance. Attracts new friendships. Brings good fortune. Promotes intuition.

Ulexite: Helps to clear the path to balance yin-yang energies. Brings clarity & clear spirit.

Unakite (Epidote w/ Red Feldspar): Balances emotions with spirituality; stimulates psychic abilities. Increases personal power. Encourages patience & positive acceptance. Stimulates the immune system.