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Apatit smykkesten har en hårdhed på 5 Mohs skala

apatit smykkesten

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Apatite Color

The range of colors include colorless, pink, yellow, green, blue and violet. A rare variety is a rich purple from Maine. Blue Brazilian stones are second in demand. Madagascar is known to produce a neon blue-green material that is highly desirable. Light-green apatite carries the trade name ‘asparagus stone’. The color of the best specimens of apatite can rival famed Paraiba tourmaline. As for any other gem, color saturation defines the value.

Apatite Clarity and Luster

When cut and polished, apatite has a vitreous luster. Gem-quality apatite typically occurs transparent, but translucent specimens do exist.

Apatite Cut and Shape

Apatite comes in many different shapes and cuts. Transparent specimens are typically faceted into traditional shapes. Fancy shapes and calibrated sizes are hard to find and command higher prices. Some blue and yellow apatite exhibits chatoyancy and is cut and polished as cat’s eye apatite. Specimens with bases parallel to the fibers are most ideal for cabochon cuts.

Apatite Treatment

Apatite gemstones are typically untreated. Blue apatite is known to be heat-treated, but some are un-enhanced. Most green specimens are typically untreated. Gemstone suppliers should always disclose treatments and enhancements made to their gemstones for sale.

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