Chrysoprase smykkesten

Chrysoprase smykkesten har en hårdhed på 6,5 – 7 på Mohs Skala

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Chrysoprase smykkesten Color

Chrysoprase color can range from light, minty-green to intense deep, apple-green color. Deeper colors are considered more desirable, but once the color reaches a certain depth, the stone may be classified as ‘prase’, which is not as desirable as chrysoprase. Chrysoprase color can fade under prolonged exposure to heat or direct light, but in many cases, the color may be restored after absorption of moisture.

Chrysoprase smykkesten Clarity and Luster

Chrysoprase is typically translucent to opaque. Translucent specimens are considered most valuable. When cut and polished, it has a vitreous to waxy luster. Most chrysoprase forms very clean with regard to clarity, but an uneven, cloudy distribution of color is quite common.

Chrysoprase smykkesten Cut and Shape

Chrysoprase is typically cut en cabochon and is also very popular for gemstone carvings, including ornamental objects, cameos, intaglios, seals and insignia. The most common shapes include rounds, ovals, trillions, hearts and pears. Chrysoprase beads and tumbled stones are also quite popular, but these will typically be fashioned from lower grade materials.

Chrysoprase smykkestenTreatment

Most chrysoprase today is completely untreated. However, imitations, such as dyed green agate, may be ‘misadvertised’ as chrysoprase.

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