Rosakvarts smykkesten

Rosakvarts smykkesten åbner dit hjerte chakra og letter heling af hjertet ved at tilskynde åbenhed til at elske på alle niveauer. Rosakvarts fokuserer din energi på selv-kærlighed, og fremmer indre fred og ro. Rosakvarts, især i form af et hjerte, menes at tiltrække romantiske partnere, fremme tolerance, dulme sår af sorg eller mistillid, og generere en ubetinget kærlighed, der giver mulighed for tilgivelse.

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Rosakvarts er kærlighedsstenen over dem alle! Lærer os tilgivelse, tryghed, styrker kærlighedskraften og fremmer harmoni og balance. Om at elske sig selv og omgivelserne, som vi er. Den er også beroligende, samt den skaber bedre balance og harmoni mellem krop og sind. Fremmer skabertrang. Afskærmer mod stråling og dårlige vibrationer. Neutraliserer skadelig stråling fra computeren.

Rosakvarts er kærlighed, ro og harmoni. Lærer os tilgivelse, tryghed, styrker kærlighedskraften og fremmer harmoni og balance.

Stjernetegn: Tyren, Krebsen, Jomfruen, Vægten, Stenbukken

Rosakvarts smykkesten fra Von Mohs

Rosakvarts smykkesten Color

The color of macrocrystalline quartz is as variable as the spectrum, but clear quartz is by far the most common color followed by white or cloudy quartz. Purple (amethyst), pink (rose quartz), gray or brown to black (smoky quartz) are also common. Cryptocrystalline quartz varieties can be multicolored. In artificial light, quartz does not display a desirable quality. It looks best in daylight, particularly after sunrise and just before sunset. The deep colors are the most valuable.

Rosakvarts smykkesten Clarity and Luster

Fine quartz is transparent, which means that the light passes through the stone unhindered. In translucent quartz, the passage of light through the stone is slightly weakened. The best quality quartz is “clean”, free from inclusions of any kind. Since quartz is plentiful, there is little reason to go for stones with visible inclusions, except those that define the character of the stone (e.g. cat’s eye, hawk’s eye or scenic stones). Luster is glassy to vitreous as crystals, while cryptocrystalline forms are usually waxy to dull, but can be vitreous. Crystals are transparent to translucent; cryptocrystalline forms are usually translucent or opaque.

Rosakvarts smykkesten Cut and Shape

Due to the roughness of the color distribution in the crystals, quartz is often cut as brilliant rounds to maximize their color. Other cuts can be used when the color is better distributed. Quartz is available in a wide range of calibrated sizes and shapes, including many fancy shapes.

Rosakvarts smykkesten Treatment

Colorless quartz is always untreated. Colored stones can occasionally be enhanced by dyes (as in the case of agate), irradiation (bombardment with low level radioactivity), or heating. Some stones may also be impregnated or coated with wax, clear resin and even foil for enhanced color, luster and stability. Synthetic quartz is also abundant. Naturally colored quartz typically exhibits color zoning.

Rosakvarts smykkesten

Rose Quartz Facts, Information and Description

Rose Quartz is one macrocrystalline (visible to the naked eye) variety of Quartz and is, in fact, one of its very highly desired varieties. It’s pink color is unique in the mineral kingdom. When occurring in masses, this pink color is thought to be caused by impurities such as titanium, iron or manganese, although more recent study has shown through X-ray diffraction that the color may be due to thin microscopic fibers such as that which comprises Dumortierite.

Usually too cloudy to be cut into gemstones (although occasionally found in gem quality), most Rose Quartz is cut into cabochons, beads, or shaped into crystal points. Carved spheres, obelisks, pyramids and figurines are also popular.

Over time, Rose Quartz crystals are prone to fading and are best kept away from prolonged sunlight. They are also prone to crack or chip rather easily and should be handled with care.

Folklore, Legend, and Healing Properties:

Throughout history, Rose Quartz has been a symbol for love and beauty. Today it is known as the “Stone of Gentle Love” or the “Stone of Unconditional Love”.

Although not much is known historically about Rose Quartz, beads were found in the area once known as Mesopotamia (today’s Iraq) that date back to 7000 BC. Rose Quartz jewelry was known to be crafted by the Assyrians during the time span of 800-600 BC, and it is believed that the Assyrians along with the Romans were first to use this stone. The Romans used it for making seals as a sign of ownership. They also considered it a strong healing stone. Egyptians believed the pink stone prevented aging.

Rose Quartz has traditionally been given to newborn babies to help in their transition from the spirit world to the physical realm, gently integrating the two and helping with adjustment. This stone is also said to help mend broken hearts or aid in easing emotional trauma.

Wearing or carrying a heart-shaped Rose Quartz pendant or charm is thought to attract love.

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